Winterize Your Horse

Steps to Winterize Your HorseWhat does it mean to Winterize Your Horse? During the cold season, horse owners must make sure that their animals receive proper feed, water and shelter to stay healthy and comfortable. Since riders usually put a lot of time and effort into getting their horses ready for shows, trail rides, or other events during the warm months, if they maintain their horses over the winter, all that effort won’t go to waste and have to be started over in the spring.

In situations where horses are maintained on pasture, grazing time should be reduced or possibly eliminated.

  • Obese horses are sometimes very efficient at maintaining weight on grass or hay alone. These horses may need to be kept in stalls or dry lots to manage their calorie intake, and fed reduced amounts of hay and feed. To determine the amount to feed, calculate the calories required to maintain the desired weight, and then feed about 70% of that amount.
  • For horses that maintain weight on grass or hay alone, to ensure that protein, vitamin and mineral requirements are met, look for a supplemental feed that includes concentrated nutritional supplements.

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