How to Stimulate a Horse’s Appetite

Horse's AppetiteA horse’s appetite vary from horse to horse. But if a horse starts to leave grain or hay behind then it may be cause for concern and should be examined if it doesn’t improve. There are many causes as to why your horse is not eating. Before applying new feeding techniques make sure your horse is cleared by your veterinarian. The number one reason that many horses have appetite loss is due to gastric ulcers. Other concerns include, fever, colic, dental issues, or just environmental causes such as hot weather, trailering, or herd separation anxiety.

Not all horses have large appetites and need coaxing when it comes to feeding time. However there are ways to improve their eating habits. Here are a few tips on how you can stimulate your horse’s appetite.

Ways to Improve a Horse’s Appetite

  • Break up the feed to smaller meals over several hours
  • Gradually change to new feed
  • Add B-Vitamins to their diet
  • Provide a cool bath in hot weather
  • Ease up on intense workouts for performance horses
  • Provide a buddy to ease anxiety offering turnout

All these tips can help get your horse eating again and on a regular basis. If these techniques don’t stimulate hunger, please consult your veterinarian immediately.

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