Horse Feed Value

How to Get Horse Feed Value for Your Money

It’s hard not to think about horse feed value when cost for everything else is going up. As a horse owner this means that you want to get the most out of the horse feed you purchase. Now this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality horse feed for a cheaper feed value

The mindset of looking at the price per feed bag has to change. Instead look at it in the cost per day to feed your horse. Calculate the cost per pound by dividing the price per bag by 50 pounds. Then you multiply the price per pound by the pounds of feed you give to your horse per day. It often surprises horse owners that a cheaper feed bag turns out to be more expensive because it doesn’t equate to the amount needed for the horse’s weight. So you end up feeding more which turns out to cost more. Often times supplements are added to meet the horse’s nutritional needs which again is added cost.

When looking at hay feed value it’s the same concept. You have to factor in the quality of the hay and the weight per bale. Hay should be purchased by the ton instead of by the bale because weight can vary. Make sure that you are looking at the age of the hay because the older harvests means less nutrients and protein which mean less digestible for your horse. The idea that alfalfa is a higher quality feed is a misconception. Again it’s about the quality and maturity of the hay whether it is grass or alfalfa that matters.

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