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Established in 1995 as a start-up organization based in Florida, Feedstuff Sales has since grown to become a global supplier with operations based in New Mexico. Feedstuff Sales initially sold and provided distributors and dealers with the best in quality equine hay and later developed the line of Stampede Premium Equine Products.



While many still appreciate and prefer a conventional form of hay, Founder Bill Glisson saw a need to offer a feed alternative more consistent in quality, always available in spite of unfavorable weather conditions and packaged in a more convenient form. As technology and production options expanded, Feedstuff Sales developed a line of sun-cured forage to address these needs. Stampede Premium forages are available in six varieties across three forms; cubes, mini cubes, and pellets.

Bedding and other related equine supplies are included in the line of Stampede Premium products to better service and supply equine and zoological operations. Feedstuff Sales and the Stampede Premium line of equine products are committed to providing high-quality products that address the nutritional, comfort and care needs of your horses or other small farm animals.