Minimize Horse Flies Around Your Horses and Property


For many horses, flies are a pesky problem that leaves them irritable and have them running for the hills. Spring is the time flies start to swarm on your property. Flies not only pose a hazard to horses while grazing, they also carry diseases, not to mention that annoying buzzing sound they make. This problem can be prevented with some proper precautions.

Steps to Reduce Horse Flies 

  • Clean up spills in the stalls and around the property
  • Keep feed in rodent-proof containers
  • Clean up trash and keep all garbage in closed trash bins
  • Minimize standing water
  • Keep stalls manure free or at least at a minimum
  • Use fly traps
  • Buy fly guards for the horse’s body and legs
  • Use fly sprays

Most importantly use feed-through fly control products that will reduce flies from manure.

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