Get Ready for a Healthy Spring Foal Season

Spring is in the air and it is a crucial time for mares to deliver healthy baby foals. Have you provided a healthy nutrient rich diet for your pregnant mares? Diets rich in high quality cube hay and pellets are much needed especially in the last trimester. This is the time when your mare will need more protein and minerals for its foal.

Foal and mare out to pasture

Baby foal and momma mare out to pasture.

Tips for a Safe Delivery

  1. Pregnant mares are susceptible to Fescue, a dried plant found in many pastures that cause major problems with pregnant mares. This plant contains endophyte that causes thick placentas, produces no milk in mares, and a long or delayed delivery.
  2. Make sure that your mare also has proper farrier checkup before her the last tri-mester, as it is much easier when she is still able to stand on three legs.
  3. Prepare a clean foaling station or other location for delivery, Be sure its large enough space.
  4. Administer vaccinations around 10 months of pregnancy to ensure proper antibodies production.

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