Fall Horse Checklist

fall horse checklist

Check horse’s dental work before winter

Keep them healthy with a fall horse checklist

This week we made the first fall gumbo, we set our clocks back, and green leaves have a given way to fall’s vibrant colors. Cool weather is finally here!

These changes remind us to take a look at what our horses might need as we prepare for the fall season. Although young horses, old horses, and special-needs horses may have specific requirements; all can benefit from small changes in their wellness program as winter approaches. Here is fall checklist for horses to review before we head into winter.

Fall is a great time to review your horse’s overall health before winter conditions are present. Be sure to establish a deworming schedule and evaluate if you’re on the right rotation to best meet your horse’s needs. This might also be a good time to schedule a visit with your local veterinarian to ensure that all vaccinations are up to date and further dental work is not needed. Evaluating your feeding program before entering the winter season is also important, as small changes can be beneficial for your horse. Stampede Premium is consistently consistent in providing a quality source of forage, despite other conditions that may be present. A little effort now can prepare your horses for the approaching winter weather and keep them healthy.
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