Fall Body Condition Scores

Watching your horses Fall Body Condition Score

Fall Body Condition Score for horses

As the seasons’ change, it’s important to evaluate your horse’s fall body condition score (BCS). This is a valuable tool to make sounds decisions for overall management, feeding and exercise programs.

First, determine what your personal goals are for your horse. Find a BCS chart and evaluate your horse’s current condition. Then continue to monitor their progress regularly to determine if they are on track to accomplish your goals. Don’t just rely on your eyes alone. Long winter hair can make it difficult to accurately determine the BCS of your horse.  Run your hands over your horse. If they need the extra calories to increase their score, consider adding Stampede Premium Alfalfa Cubes or Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes to help increase caloric intake. Cubes can be supplemented or can replace some or all of your current forage. Replacement should be on a 1-to-1 basis, and total forage intake should be at a MINIMUM of 1.5% to 2% of body weight per day. As much as 3% per day can be safely consumed, especially by horses needing to gain weight.



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