Cool Weather Water Intake

cool weather water intake

Watching your horse’s cool weather water intake

Do you monitor your horse’s cool weather water intake during the fall and winter? Do they get enough water? As the weather cools, it’s important to make sure your horse’s continue to drink enough water. A horse’s performance can be negatively affected when they are dehydrated, even by as little as 3%.

Here are some tips to consider when planning your horse’s water intake this fall. Take special care to ensure water troughs are thoroughly cleaned and have fresh water available at all times. Have vitamin and mineral blocks in place. If your horse isn’t drinking enough water, consider soaking Stampede Premium Alfalfa or Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes. When soaking cubes, cover the appropriate amount of cubes with water by a couple of inches, this should allow for proper absorption. This tip can help add more water to your horse’s daily intake.

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