Spring Trail Riding

Spring Trail RidingBeing a responsible trail rider means leaving the trails, parking areas, and campsites in good condition. To keep trails tidy for other riders, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • If you can carry it in full, you can carry it out empty. Keep track of your trash, and do a good deed by carrying out any trash you find, even if you didn’t produce it. Carry a garbage bag for this purpose. Planning ahead and repackaging can minimize the amount of trash you have to deal with.
  • Don’t ride off the trail. Off-trail excursions can damage native plants, cause erosion, widen impacted areas, and put you and your horse in danger from unseen hazards.
  • Minimize your interactions with wildlife by not feeding, pursuing, or harassing them.
  • Don’t deface the natural world. Refrain from removing natural formations, carving or spray-painting your name on trail-side trees or rocks, and leave the scenery untouched so the next riders can enjoy it.
  • If you are camping with your horse, stay in campgrounds that are already established. Clearing new areas, cutting trees and brush, and making multiple fire sites all have a negative impact on wild places.
  • Be careful with fire. This includes having a way to put out the fire before you build it; paying attention to combustible material around the fire site; keeping track of fire regulations for various locations and seasons; and making sure your fire is completely extinguished any time you leave the immediate vicinity.

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