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Feedstuff Sales has been a distributor of equine and zoological quality hays since 1995. After establishing Feedstuff as the premium supplier of hay throughout Florida and the southeast US, the Stampede Premium line of forage and bedding products was subsequently launched.  25 years later, Feedstuff has emerged as a global operator distributing equine products throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America.



Distributing Equine Products
Throughout the United States, Canada,
Central and South America


With an ongoing commitment to high quality supported by reliable customer service, Feedstuff is the ideal supplier and partner.

Feedstuff sales will work with your organization to determine how its portfolio of products may be of benefit to the growth or efficiency of your business. If you are a manufacturer, distributor or dealer interested in learning more, please complete the contact us form online or contact Bill Glisson at bglisson@feedstuffsales.com or call (813) 690-4100.  


Consistently Consistent