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Not All Hays Are Created Equal

As grazing animals, horses spend an average of 16-22 hours each day eating and chewing.  Selecting the best product to address the nutritional needs of your horse is critical to ensuring good health.

Hays are typically categorized into three types of hay: grass hays, legumes and mixed hays. Grass hays typically have more nutrients and are easier to digest when the hay is young.  At full growth, there is more fiber content.  Legume leaves do not experience the same sort of changes during their growth cycle however the stems will become more coarse and fibrous as they age.

Grass or legume hays are often selected by what is available within a region.  Good grass hay is most ideal for mature horses offering the appropriate blend of calcium and phosphorous.  Pregnant, lactating and growing horses should have some legume content included in their diet to increase the amount of protein consumed along with higher levels of other nutrients.  A mix of grass and legume hay offers an ideal option.

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