Does Your Horse Get Gas Colic in the Springtime?

Grazing horses with gas colic

Springtime is fast approaching and for many horses this can pose quite a gassy problem. When spring grass begins to grow, it tends to cause gas colic in many horse breeds.

Gas colic develops when a horse ingests forage that is high in sugar—usually lush spring grass—and excessive fermentation occurs in the gut, which creates a buildup of gas. Horses cannot burp, but they can expel gas in the other direction. However, the length of the equine intestinal tract means that some gas pockets may not be able to escape. If the trapped gas continues to accumulate, the stretching of the intestinal wall may become painful.

The signs of gas colic may be transient, as the gas pockets shift. The horse may kick or nip at his flanks, repeatedly lie down and seem withdrawn and preoccupied. If you listen to his gut you may hear many gurgles (technically called borborygmi). Although gas colic may clear on its own, don’t take a wait-and-see approach. A gas-filled intestine can twist on itself, leading to a torsion that requires immediate surgery. Call your veterinarian at the first sign of colic.

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