The Benefits of Cube Hay Form for Horses

Looking for hay options? Consider hay cubes. The advantages of cube hay over the traditional long stem haystack are numerous. Here are some that you should consider before making your purchase.

Horse eating cube hay outside

Feed your horse Stampede Premium cube hay or pellets.

  1. Consistent Nutrient Content

Manufacturers must adhere to and provide consistent levels of protein, fat and fiber content in their product. You shouldn’t have to worry about your horses not getting enough nutrients that you would with the traditional option. Stampede Premium is “Consistently, Consistent.”

  1. Monitor Portions

It is well known that when you are feeding your horse, it should go by weight and not by volume. With traditional hay, it can be difficult to monitor servings because each stack fluctuates in weight. A flake of hay can be tightly or loosely packed, which determines the weight. Other factors include the type of hay; one type may weigh more than others. Cube hay is consistent in weight and size.

  1. Leaner and Fit

Horses fed cube hay tend to be more fit and leaner as horse owners can monitor the quantity of hay cubes their horses eat.

  1. Compact and Easy Travel

For many horse owners, storage space challenging.  Storing hay can become a burden when you have limited space. Cube hay takes up less space and is easy to take with you when traveling because it’s condensed.

Stampede Premium offers a comprehensive line of forage and bedding products specifically designed to meet the various nutritional and comfort needs of your horses as well as other animals. The Stampede line has grown to become a nationally respected brand offering animal owners unmatched consistent quality at great prices.

With guaranteed ingredient analysis, Stampede Premium Pellets consistently offer the maximum in nutritional value in a concentrated form. They are the perfect choice for horses or smaller animals. Stampede hay pellets are easy for your animals to digest and produce less waste.

Stampede Premium offers the ultimate hay cube, peak harvested and naturally sun cured to provide maximum palatability, performance and nutrition. With guaranteed ingredient analysis, Stampede Cubes are consistently consistent in quality across all seasons and are easy to store.


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